Shira Musicant

From Somatic Psychotherapist to Writer

For forty years, I listened to my client’s stories and the stories their bodies told as they spoke. I watched them move, moved with them, and felt moved by them. Though I no longer teach or see clients as a therapist, I’m happy to offer some links to somatic psychotherapy and creative arts resources.

I was fortunate to have a long and rewarding career as a psychotherapist and to have opportunities to teach graduate psychology students about the integration of body awareness into their practices. Though I wrote some stories during those years, I published only professional papers.

As the writing process drew me in, I made the leap and retired from both teaching and my therapy practice. I have turned my attention to my own stories. Some of them touch on the personal, some are drawn from the well of my imagination, some flow from my environment.

I live on the side of a canyon in the foothills of Santa Barbara between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. I share this California coastal desert with several gray foxes, coyotes, a bobcat, an occasional mountain lion, and a family of deer. Red tail hawks and turkey vultures soar over the canyon. Though beautiful and dry, it is a land of extremes, touched by both wildfire and flood. Looking out my window, I see shimmering ocean, jagged granite rocks on the mountains, dense scrub brush, and the history of the land writ in the scars of debris flows and fire.

The early morning is my favorite writing time, when the fox comes to drink from the birdbath, and the great horned owls are still calling to each other. Somewhere in the distance a rooster crows as night and day sort themselves out.

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